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My Fragrance Samples is proud to offer an extensive selection of guaranteed authentic designer and niche fragrance. Every fragrance sample is offered in your choice of sizes to suit your needs and preferences.

You choose the scent and the size. Upon receiving your order, we decant from the original, manufacturer’s bottle into a new sterile glass spray bottle (please note that 2ml sample bottles are plastic). Every sample is neatly labeled and carefully packaged to prevent leakage in transit.

To insure that you get every drop of fragrance that you purchase, we utilize sterile medical measuring devices to guarantee that each bottle is filled with the appropriate volume of perfume. Kindly note that there is a small amount of “air space” left in each bottle. By no means does this indicate that you received less than the amount that was ordered.

For the sake of clarity, please understand that you will NOT receive an original manufacturer’s bottle of fragrance. You WILL receive a rebottled and unaltered scent that is freshly and expertly hand-decanted. All of our atomizers are glass with the exception of the 2ml version, which is plastic.

*The appearance of the bottles shown above may vary slightly from those pictured.Rest assured, the sizes will remain identical.

How Many Sprays in Our Bottles?*

2.2ml               30 sprays
3.5ml               50 sprays
5.5 ml              75 sprays
10ml                140 sprays
16ml                225 sprays
32ml                450 sprays

*Number of sprays is approximate and may vary depending on the atomizer

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