How to Get Affordable Free Perfume Samples?

Who doesn’t like to smell nice? In fact, the feeling of getting a compliment on our favorite perfume feels absolutely great. If you’re a perfume lover, it stands to reason that you enjoy trying out new fragrances.  It can, however,  take a toll on your wallet. So isn’t there any way to save money?  Thankfully there is- and that’s perfume samples. They are extremely affordable and sometimes even free. From local companies to high-end nationally advertised perfume brands, there is a massive variety of these perfume samples on the market.  The question is- how do you get these affordable or free perfume samples?  Well, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to get your hands on perfume samples. In this post, we are going to share with you some of the best ways we know of to get perfume samples and decants. Let’s get started!

Get perfume samples

#1 Exchange information for perfume samples 

Do you know that there are many websites that will offer you their perfume samples in exchange for your information? And don’t worry, the information they ask for is extremely basic and not very personal.  All you have to do is find these websites, enter your information (name, phone number, email, etc.), and in exchange, you will get a free sample of their perfume.  Just exercise some caution and make sure that you’re dealing with a reputable and trusted website.

#2 Don’t miss your chance while shopping online 

You might not know this but many online shopping destinations offer perfume samples as a reward.  Just keep in mind that there might be certain conditions that must be met.  For example, you may get free perfume samples if you spend a specified minimum amount. So if you are planning your next online shopping trip, you should choose a website that offers you free perfume samples. The internet can be your best friend in helping to find these websites.

#3 Use social media platforms 

Everyone loves giveaways. You get chances of winning amazing clothes, electronic devices, and even perfume samples and decants. But how would you know which influencer or company is offering a free perfume sample as a giveaway? One of the easiest ways to find it out is by using hashtags. In order to attract more people to participate in giveaways, influencers or companies use hashtags. All you have to do is a bit of research on these hashtags and use them to find the company or influencer that is offering free perfume decants as giveaways.

#4 Buy affordable samples 

Buying a full bottle of perfume could be a major investment, especially if you are buying a nationally branded one.  Have you considered buying small bottles of these high-quality perfumes at extremely affordable prices? There are a number of websites that sell perfume samples at very modest prices. This can save you a lot of money and give you the opportunity to try many different types of perfumes for less than the cost of just one retail bottle.

#5 Sign up for a newsletter 

One of the best ways of getting free perfume samples is to sign up for a newsletter.  You might want to sign up for the newsletter of your favorite perfume brand(s).  This way you’ll not only get an alert when they drop a new fragrance,  but you might get free perfume samples mailed directly to you.  You will not only enjoy being one of the first people to try out new perfumes, and what could be better than getting them for free? We know.  It’s an absolute no-brainer!

#6 Email your favorite brand 

Do you know that you can get free perfume samples by simply emailing your favorite brands? Yes, it’s true!  If you cannot find a perfume sample section on your favorite brand’s website,  simply write them an email. Explain to them how much you love the brand and how much you are excited to try that new product. Many companies are happy to send perfume samples on request.  You’ve just got to find ones that are willing to accommodate.

#7 Post a review 

You can often get free perfume samples by writing a review about a specific perfume. And no, we aren’t kidding.  Reviews help perfume brands to increase visibility and enhance their reputation in the marketplace.  It’s for these reasons that they offer freebies to people in exchange for positive reviews of their products. There are numerous product review websites that you can visit.  Leave an excellent (but honest) review and you will likely receive amazing free samples of some of your favorite perfumes.

In the end 

We know you want to find a reliable website that offers affordable or free perfume samples. That’s why we’re going to recommend one of the top leading online destinations to visit if you’re looking for affordable or free perfume samples and decants. My Fragrance Samples is a trusted online store that offers affordable or free perfume samples. Customers can get their hands on authentic brands and experience the sheer of wearing a luxurious and classy fragrance- and turning heads!  Don’t wait any longer- visit our website today.

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