L’Heure Verte – Kilian

L’Heure Verte is the newest addition to Kilian’s “The Liquors” collection. This beautiful and unique fragrance was designed by master perfumer Mathieu Nardine. The fragrance’s name translates to “the green hour,” the traditional French equivalent of “happy hour.”

The fragrance is inspired by absinthe, also known as “the green fairy,” a brilliant emerald liquor poured over sugar cubes. L’Heure Verte expresses the beautiful chaos, decadence, luxury, and indulgence of Parisian nightlife.

The fragrance opens with the dark and hypnotic notes of absinthe essence. The opening is supported by sharp licorice root mingling playfully with spicy star anise. Bright violet leaf adds a burst of herbaceous freshness and softens the fragrance’s deeper notes. An intoxicating sweetness comes through as the fragrance dries down, allowing woody vetiver and patchouli to dance into the spotlight.

L’Heure Vert is a sophisticated masterpiece that strikes the perfect balance of sharp herbal green notes, aromatic spice, and woodsy sweetness.

It’s a unisex showstopper that will appeal to the fragrance fanatic who is daring, bold, and not afraid to make a statement! This fragrance’s powerful projection, longevity, and fantastic sillage are bound to turn heads!

It’s ideal for someone who wants to experience a unique take on a boozy gourmand fragrance and enjoys the scent of licorice.

Try a sample of L’Heure Verte and see what all the hype is about!

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