D.S. & Durga is a Brooklyn-based niche house steeped in the romance of Americana and the beauty of atmospheric olfaction. Founded in 2007 by David (DS) and Kavi (Durga) Moltz, making small batches of scented products of hidden passions and obsessions. Drops of unexpected history and storytelling swirled into grasses, resins, smoke, powder, woods and wild flowers. . The beautifully designed packaging proudly proclaims: small batch handmade olfactory tonics and aromatic formulations.

The creation of the fragrances involves dedicated amounts of research in raw materials, influences and genuine atmosphere. Images of David Moltz in his leather apron over crisp white shirt, dipping his nose to vials, bottles and beakers against walls covered in sketches, notes, paintings and swatches are more akin to snapshots of painters working in dense idea-strewn lofts.


The original bottle(s) shown below are not available for purchase. My Fragrance Samples hand-decants genuine fragrances into sample sizes. My Fragrance Samples has no affiliation whatsoever with the manufacturers or brand owners of the designer fragrances.



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