At the close of the Second World War, four siblings from the noble Neapolitan Sersale family reunited at their 18th century summer home on the Amalfi coast, a palazzo perched upon cliffs that rise almost vertically from the Mediterranean. They decided to convert this palazzo into a luxury hotel—and in 1951, Hotel Le Sirenuse, named for the Islands of the Sirens, which the hotel overlooks, was born. Glamorous and enchanting, poised on the edge of myth, the hotel became famous as a magical vacation spot. The Sersale family has now launched a series of fragrances inspired by the beauty of their location — the captivating scents of Italy, blended with an eye to the romance and intrigue of ancient legends. They turned to noted perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour, known for the subtlety and nuance of his highly original creations, to create this series. The results are exquisite— balancing light and dark, and touching on the romance of the past while feeling absolutely modern.


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