To our loyal and valued customers,

Effective July 8th 2019 and until further notice, My Fragrance Samples will not be offering decants of Creed products.  Because you deserve to know the truth, we received a “cease and desist” email from Creed.  It seems that they (wrongly) believe that splitting fragrances into decants is unlawful and infringes upon their trademark- even though our labels do not use their logo and make it very clear that the fragrance inside of the atomizer has been rebottled “wholly independent” of Creed.

For now, we will accede to their demands, but we’re going to do our best to fight this FOR YOU.  It seems that the good people at Creed would prefer that you blindly spend $400+ on a bottle of their fragrance, and that you do not have the opportunity to affordably try them out first.  We disagree and we believe that you do too.


My Fragrance Samples