How to Make Your Perfume Samples Last Longer on Your Body

Perfume samples are practically the best thing ever. Why? There are just so many reasons. Perfume samples are incredibly affordable- especially when compared to the hefty price of a full bottle. If you’re a perfume enthusiast, you simply must have an amazing collection of perfume samples.  But there’s one question that troubles you constantly- how do you make your perfume samples last longer and project more?  Take a sigh of relief because we’ll answer this question for you.  We’ll share how your perfume samples can last longer so that you can smell great all day long.

So, let’s dive right into it.

#1 Focus on your pulse points

Are you familiar with pulse points?  They’re the parts of your body where the skin is the thinnest. As a result, your body temperature is the highest on these points. When you  apply perfume on these points, the natural process begins making the perfume last longer. There are several points on your body you can focus on- inside of your wrist, the back of your ear, etc. You can search online and discover the optimal pulse points. This way you wouldn’t have to apply the perfume on every part of your body and conserve precious perfume.

#2 Don’t rub!

You may have seen people applying perfume on the inside of their wrists and rubbing it with the other one. This is a big no-no. Why?  When you rub your wrists it makes the top notes burn a bit quicker.  This is why the perfume’s scent doesn’t last for very long.  Just spray your perfume and leave it there.  The scent will last considerably longer.  If you enjoy blending two or more fragrances, a dab would be okay for that purpose- just don’t create any friction. 

#3 Use after a shower

Here’s a hack that you may not have heard about.  Try applying perfume immediately after showering.  There are a number of reasons for doing this, but here is a couple of them. 

  1. After a shower, your body temperature is higher than your usual body temperature. Obviously, it only applies when you take hot showers. Due to high body heat, the aroma process begins and helps the perfume last longer.
  2. When you take a shower, your skin’s pores open up.  Your skin is now able to greater absorb fragrance more when you apply it right after a warm shower. 

Note that we are not suggesting that you apply the perfume when you are soaking wet. Just wipe yourself with a towel, get out of the shower, and finally apply the perfume. You will be good to go!

#4 Moisturize your skin

If you want your perfume samples to last longer, it is important to moisturize your skin first. Perfumes diffuse very well when the skin is moisturized.  The perfume gets a nice boost when applied to moisturized skin.  We recommend that you apply your favorite moisturizer on the pulse points where you want to apply the perfume.

#5 Layer your fragrances

If you have a scented oil or lotion and you are not using it, you are committing a huge fragrance crime. You’re missing out on a perfect opportunity to make your perfume last longer. Layering fragrances has two primary benefits. First, the final fragrance of the two scents combined can be nothing short of miraculous. You can anticipate lots of compliments.  Another benefit of using a scented lotion or oil is that your perfume will find a nice surface to sit on, increasing the longevity of your perfume. 

#6 Comb your hair with perfume

One of the hacks you won’t regret is spraying your perfume on the comb and then running it through your hair. Our hair has natural essential oils that lock in the essence of your perfume, making it last longer.  This is one of the best ways to apply perfume if you want it to last for a long time.  Let’s not forget that the scalp’s natural oiliness adds to the longevity of your perfume samples. 

There you have it!  These are just a few of the many ways to make your perfume samples last long. We will be covering more soon, but for starters, you can rely on these points.  You are sure to experience a major difference. These hacks are simple and easy.  If you don’t have a perfume sample to try these hacks, visit the My Fragrance Samples website. You can buy a wide range of affordable perfume samples- shipped fast. 


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