YOU OR SOMEONE LIKE YOU- Etat Libre d’Orange Fragrance for Men and Women

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If you purchase this product you will earn 11-67 Fragrance Spritzes worth of $0.33-$2.01!
If you purchase this product you will earn 11-67 Fragrance Spritzes worth of $0.33-$2.01!

Inspired by Chandler Burr’s novel of the same name, You Or Someone Like You is invigorating, evasive and beautiful. Set in the city of fallen angels, the fragrance blurs the line between fantasy and reality: the natural and man made aspects of L.A. architecture (both living and inanimate) converge here. If you’re after that new fangled mode of perfume, wherein a lush yet impenetrable surface (enumerating endless anachronisms) alchemizes skin, this is the cutting edge. There is, as Burr suggests, something distinctly botanical about Your Or Someone Like You: a crisp, aqueous stalk of cactus, the fresh air fragrance of unscented desert grasses, something sweetly floral but innocent, a blossom confined–by the exhaust, concrete, metal, modern architecture and bright, high blue skies that surround it.  There is a surgical precision to You Or Someone Like You, but graciously there is nothing literally medical about it: rather, this scent implies the impossibility (or possibility) of the self in a city whose economy runs on transformation (and anonymity). As Burr suggests, if you need to know the precise notes, You Or Someone Like You is not for you. This scent encapsulates the malleability of a specific L.A. identity that is all about the privilege to see or be seen, at will.



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Perfume is dead, long live perfume!...or so declares the irreverent d Etat Libre d'Orange in their Declaration of Independence. The Free State of Orange is a land of olfactory liberty where there are no taboos, or constraints on fragrance creation. Headed up by the mercurial Etienne de Swardt, Etat Libre captured our interest upon its inception in 2006. Who else would dare create a fragrance based on incense and bubble gum, or a hotel madame? Insolence? Perhaps. Subversive? Most definitely, but it is rare to see anyone these days push the envelope so far with a fragrance, much less an entire line. We love the adventurous spirit and unconventional approach and we applaud the results. Les parfums et mort, vive les parfums!  

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1 review for YOU OR SOMEONE LIKE YOU- Etat Libre d’Orange Fragrance for Men and Women

  1. VonP

    If you love mint and green gardens, this is the one for you. Not the best performance but heavenly until it’s gone.

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