AMBER AOUD- Roja Parfums Fragrance for Men and Women

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If you purchase this product you will earn 25-133 Fragrance Spritzes worth of $0.75-$3.99!
If you purchase this product you will earn 25-133 Fragrance Spritzes worth of $0.75-$3.99!

A Rolls Royce in a sea of Volkswagens, Roja Dove’s Amber Aoud sets out to best every other rose-oud out there by sheer dint of superior raw materials and blending. Expensive this may be, but Roja Dove puts his money where his mouth is. Taking a regally sour, spicy Indian oud, he buries it deep within the folds of a jammy rose, and then tucks the whole thing into the pulpy insides of a Moroccan fig. Almost obscenely rich and opulent at first, it wears like the inside of a red velvet cloak lined in ermine.

But look closely and you will see the artful balance between sweet and sour, dusty and moist, sharp and smooth. There is structure and discipline within the avalanche of richness. Birch tar and incense resins and gums provide a smoky fade-out that proves to be excellent ballast for the jammy sweetness up top. No wonder that many oud aficionados cite this as the best example of Western oud perfumery- a point we’d find hard to dispute.

Amber Aoud  Notes

Bergamot, lemon, lime, fig, jasmine, rose, ylang ylang, ambergris, aoud wood, birch, cinnamon, civet, musk, oakmoss, orris, patchouli, saffron, sandalwood



2.2 ml, 3.5 ml, 5.5 ml, 10 ml, 16 ml




The result of an extraordinarily successful collaboration between legendary perfumer Roja Dove and Harrod’s, Roja Parfums is the foremost name in contemporary Haute parfumerie. Working with only the finest quality ingredients, the house of Roja Parfums has successfully launched nearly one hundred and fifty opulent olfactory creations to date. Presented in luxurious crystal-laden flacons, releases from the house such as Elysium, Enigma/ Creation E, Danger, Vetiver, and Scandal are renowned for both the genius of their composition as well as the excellence of their craftsmanship. On our website, we proudly offer a full range of perfume samples and decants from Roja Parfums at affordable prices.  Discover and collect them all with us today. At My Fragrance Samples, we specialize in authentic perfume samples and decants that are sure to garner compliments on any special occasion!

The original bottle(s) shown below are not available for purchase. My Fragrance Samples hand-decants genuine fragrances into sample sizes. My Fragrance Samples has no affiliation whatsoever with the manufacturers or brand owners of the designer fragrances.


3 reviews for AMBER AOUD- Roja Parfums Fragrance for Men and Women

  1. makeitsowhat (verified owner)

    Amber Aoud is the most mass appealing oud fragrance I’ve tried. It is not animatic instead it is citrus based and crowd pleasing it is still oud so it is not for everyone but definitely worth sampling

  2. VonP (verified owner)

    The scent itself is a 6/5.
    With the name, you might expect a completely dark, resinous stinky oud but what you get instead is a PERFECTLY blended lovely oud embalmed in ambers with wisps of heavenly florals and citruses. A must try for anyone who likes ambers and ouds.

    The price of a full bottle is obscene, very glad I was able to sample this at an attainable cost.

  3. sheldon (verified owner)

    when i read the description of this cologne i new right there this is what i have been looking for and its hard to find words to describe this so wonderfully beautiful

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