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Black Friday Cyber Monday Sale
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Ever wished you could ‘try before you buy’ when shopping online for fragrances? Well now you can, with My Fragrance Samples affordable luxury perfume sample service.

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In addition to being the sense most closely linked to memory, smell is also highly emotive. The perfume industry is built around this connection, with perfumers developing fragrances that seek to convey a vast array of emotions and feelings, from desire to power, vitality to relaxation.

On a more personal level, smell is extremely important when it comes to attraction between two people.

This goes a long way to explaining the fascination people have with scents, and why they are prepared to invest so much in perfumes and fragrances – they will end up being inextricably linked with memories of people, places, special events, and unique occasions.

Scents are special because they can bring back memories that might otherwise never be recalled.


It is likely that much of our emotional response to smell is guided by association, something which is demonstrated by the fact that different people can have completely different perceptions of the same smell.

With perfume, one person may find a particular brand ‘powerful’, ‘aromatic’ and ‘heady’, with another describing it as ‘overpowering’, ‘sickly’, and ‘nauseating’.

Therefore, it’s so important to sample a fragrance for several days before investing in an expensive bottle.

Our Goal

Our goal at My Fragrance Samples is to bridge that gap in the online perfume buying experience. Acting as your personal decanting service, we have more than 1500 scents available including many designer, niche, and discontinued fragrance samples.

And rest assured, we guarantee everything we sell to be 100% authentic and fresh.

All our scent samples are carefully decanted from original bottles into glass spray bottles ranging in size from 2ml to 32ml. So, whether you are looking to choose between several different fragrances for a special occasion, or you are just looking to try a new fragrance, we offer a cheap, simple, convenient service for all needs.

Many if our customers tell us that for the same price as just one bottle of perfume, they’d prefer to buy a dozen of our samples. This way, they can enjoy wearing something different every day without getting ‘bored’ from wearing the same perfume day after day.

One last thing. While we’re an online business, you’ll quickly see that we do things a bit differently at My Fragrance Samples. Call us old-fashioned, but we sincerely value the personal touches and interactions that differentiate us from any other sample site. You’ll find us to be friendly, helpful, and accessible.

There are real people working behind the scenes, and our humble goal is to ‘surprise and delight’ every one of our customers…every single time. People will always matter more to us than profits.

** If you find a lower price on the exact same fragrance (in the identical size) within 7 days of purchase, you’ll receive an e-store credit for the difference.  When comparing prices, only major DEDICATED decant sites can be used for comparison and shipping costs at the competitor’s site will be factored.